Alabama Captures National Title Over Georgia


Alabama, who were down by 13-0 in the first half, owned the rest of the game by clinching the title from Georgia. Georgia held closely Alabama in a way no opposition had under Nick Saban’s coaching. However, they lost the control over the game and failed to secure a win over Alabama.

Alabama, who were down 13-0 at the first half, scored 26 points in the final two quarters of the game and claimed its fifth national championship. Thus, Alabama reminded viewers that football is not just a 30-minute game.

A series of tussles helped Alabama to make a comeback in the sport. Once they were trailing by 13 points, sealed the title by 20-7. A field goal curtailed the Bulldog’s lead to 20-10. Next made it 20-13.

This night will be remembered for Saban’s decision to turn the game from 13-0 deficit into a victory. Such decisions require a gustiest coaching, which Saban delivered.

When asked, what was he thinking as the winning pass soared, Saban replied, “I could not believe it. There’s lots of highs and lows. Last year we lost on the last play of the game and this year we won on the last play of the game. These kids really responded the right way. We said last year, ‘Don’t waste the feeling.’ They sure didn’t, the way they played tonight.”