Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements Do not strengthen Your Bones



According to the new studies Calcium and Vitamin D do not help in strengthening your bones. The researchers’ search in the medical literature for the evidence supporting that Calcium and Vitamin D pills could help prevent bones from getting fractured has found in vain.

The researches focused on group adults over 50 years who live on their own. Bone fracture is a serious issue in this age group. According to the studies, around 40% women in this age group suffer from at least one major osteoporotic fracture at some point in their lives. Around 20% of adults with a break in hip died within a year of the injury.

The research team led by Dr. Jia-Guo Zhao of Tianjin Hospital in northeastern China, studies the clinical trials, systematic reviews and other reports published in the last decade. Their research found that there is no statistically significant relationship between use of the mineral (in pill form) and the risk of suffering a hip fracture. Also, there is no clear link between calcium supplements and fractures involving the spine or other bones.