ChinaNet-Online Holdings, a parent company of ChinaNet Online Media Group Ltd. announced a strategic partnership with Wuxi Jingtum Network Technology on 4th Jan. 2018


ChinaNet is an online media giant that mainly provides services in online advertising, data-analytics, and precision marketing. Jingtum is a reliable blockchain ecology builder. Both the companies will work together to expand their operations in the blockchain industry and its associated technology. Both, ChinaNet and Jingtum will exchange each other’s key knowledge areas and experiences to develop blockchain applications.

Jingtum Technology intends to develop a new generation of Internet technologies in China, which will be ethics based. Their objective is to move from an information-based network to an ethics-based exchange network. They also wish to provide. Chinese enterprises with a reliable ecology in a new age of digital assets.

Jingtum’s decentralized system and eco-friendly internet trading network addresses information security issues through cryptography. It is also known for maintaining high-quality transactional features.

“With the introduction of blockchain technology, the platform-centric services in the past will gradually shift towards decentralization, solving trust issues in business cooperation and services and enhancing user vitality and stickiness,” said Mr. Handong Cheng, CEO of ChinaNet Online.

Mr. Yuanwen Wu, CEO of Jingtum Technology said, “The application of blockchain technology specifically tailored for SMEs will create a brand-new world of value business opportunities.”

It is said that the blockchain application can play a vital role in developing a new business ecology based on algorithmic trust, which will help SMEs worldwide in the fields of marketing and business development.