Don’t Let Your Festive Season Become a Time of Peril for Your Four Legged Friends




Christmas is the most wonderful time for us but it often turns out to to be the time of peril for our four legged friends.

Especially Dogs run a high risk of chocolate poisoning during Christmas season. As per a new study, the risk is over five times greater in the holiday season.

The chocolate no matter how ‘small’ can induce gruesome problems in dogs. It contains a chemical called Theobromine. Theobromine comes from Cocoa beans. Humans can metabolize the Theobromine, but dogs cannot. When too much of this chemical gets into their system, it may result in seizures, tachycardia, vomiting and other health issues.

Studies in the US and Germany have also found that the instances of Chocolate poisoning raise higher at the time of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween. It must be ensured by the dog owners that no chocolate is lying around in the reach of the furry friends.

The results were published last week in the journal Vet Record.