Find Yourself in Great Works of Art with Google’s Art and Culture App


Google’s Arts and Culture App’s new selfie feature has caused quite a stir in the internet community. The two year old app from the internet giant is designed and aimed at introducing world of fine arts. The new selfie feature of this app helps you to find resemblance between yourself and in great works of art.

Google added this feature in mid-December quietly. It took netizens few weeks to discover this feature, but once selfie began to surface on Twitter and Facebook, the app quickly rose to top of apps chart over the weekend. Currently the app is ranking no. 1 on both iOS App and Google Play Store.

This app is available across US, except for Illinois and Texas. Google hasn’t yet commented on when will the app reach entire nation and spread across internationally. Traditionally, Google releases an app slowly to specific regions before making it widely available to all users.

The app was launched on 30th Nov, 2015. It offers virtual tour of over 1000 museums. The app is also supported by a website that also offers virtual tours of museums and other educational information related with arts, such as “Ten things you didn’t know about Vincent Van Gogh.”

“Is your portrait in a museum?” Google asks. “Take a selfie and search thousands of artworks to see if any look like you.”

You need to click a selfie with your cellphone’s camera and Google tries to find a piece of art that resembles with you using artificial intelligence.

And the best part is this app is ‘free’!