Flu Season Hit Earlier than Ever with More Severe Symptoms


Is everybody around you feeling sick? It’s because the flu season coming early this year compared to the last year. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, the symptoms of flue are more severe this year.

Flu spreads widely every single year in the U.S. and many parts of the rest of the world. This disease is so common that health officials don’t even count every single case. The health department only calculates the severity of this disease by the number of deaths that are caused by influenza and pneumonia. It takes a few weeks to count the numbers of deaths caused by flu, but by the end of November 17, 5.7 percent of reported deaths were caused by influenza.

Last year, the peak in flu season was seen in February, however, this year it’s starting early said the spokesperson for the health department. The state records show the present levels are higher than most flu seasons since 2009-10.
The health officials at the Cook County saw major increase in flu patients in the last week this year with their emergency room visits more than the average.

Health officials also recommended hospitals to limit the number of visitors and put certain precautionary majors in place. The precautions also include limiting hospital visits for anyone below 18, restricting the number of visitors to two per patient, and assessing visitors for signs of severe breathing issues.