In the American War of Trade, more U.S. companies are suing foreign competitors for relief


The count of complaints and new trade lawsuits filed by U.S companies against the foreign competitors is rising under the President Donald Trump.

According to Washington Post, the Commerce Department found 23 new disputes since January. The new trade cases are related with trade between the United States and 29 other countries. The cases include disagreements over Korean washing machines, Chinese aluminum foil, Spanish olives, Vietnamese tool chests, Canadian jetliners. The suits also include downsizing of Rust Belt steel plants and declining olive farms in California.

Companies under foreign ownership have made several requests. At the same time, profitable corporations are asking the government to apply new restrictions on their foreign rivals.

According to the Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, “At President Trump’s direction, we have told American businesses that we will be more enforcement-minded than any recent administration, while also remaining committed to a fair and transparent process that is professionally and impartially implemented. They know we will stand with American workers in the face of unfair trade practices.”