New Bill Proposed to Ban Huawei and ZTE Phones in the US


Here is a more bitter news for Huawei technology whose partnership with AT&T abruptly ended.

A new law proposed by Texas-based Republican Michael Conaway prohibits the government bodies in the U. S. from working with telecom service providers that have any ties with Huawei, the world’s largest seller of telecom equipment and ZTE.

A proposal that was lodged last year aiming to restrict the U. S. government branches purchasing devices from Chinese and Russian telecom companies moves a step ahead and rules out any possibility of ZTE and Huawei technology making their comeback into the U. S. government.

In his statement, Mr. Conaway said that technology coming from China is a threat to the national security and using their devices “would be inviting Chinese surveillance into all aspects of our lives.” He also mentioned that the U. S. intelligence officials said that Huawei has shared info with state leaders and its business in the country is growing a serious security risk.

The proposal to ban Huawei and ZTE introduced on January 9 needs an approval from the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to appear it in the House floor for vote. If it’s approved by the committee and the members of the House, it will then go to the Senate for further approval. Once it completes all these steps, it will then go to the President for final sign-off, and then it will become a law.