Niagara Falls Frozen Due to Bitter Cold


The Niagara Falls is frozen in parts due to bitter cold wave that has engulfed much of the USA. The wind chill factor has dropped to a staggering -89° Fahrenheit or -67°celcius. The temperature is expected the drop even more in the coming few days, thereby forcing the New Year celebration is numbing conditions.

It is said that a torrent of Arctic air is responsible for this drop in air temperature. Forecasters have issued warning for residents from Memphis in the mid-west to Maine in the north-east to expect even worse weather conditions. North Dakota and Northern Minnesota are among the coldest spots in the country and the temperature is expected to drop to -30° F (-34.4°C). National Weather Services has issued a winter hill advisory for the region. Also, the temperature is expected to take a plunge to about 10°F or colder in midtown Manhattan as per forecast.

The Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, has declared a state of emergency and have allowed heating oil truck drivers to work beyond the limit of hours set by federal transportation rules.

Although, the freezing cold has created some picturesque scenes, it has also claimed a few lives and multiple road accidents. The cold is turning even more brutal for animals, such as dogs, turtles, and even sharks that are freezing to death.

Canada has also issued an extreme weather alert and have order scaling down some of it’s New Year’s celebrations.

The cold weather pattern is expected to persist through the weekend.