Seven Unusual Ways the New Year is Celebrated across the World


With New Year around the curve, many have started the celebrations preparations, and some might be thinking of something unique to do. Well, here is a list of ideas from some of the most unusual New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world.


In Spain, if you can stuff 12 grapes in your mouth at midnight, you achieve good luck for the next year. While at many parts of the world, at the stroke of midnight glasses of champagne are raised, Spaniards keep themselves busy with stuffing 12 grapes in their mouth, where each grape symbolizes one month of the year.

South America:

In many countries each color symbolizes something, but in South America the color of your underwear on the New Year’s Eve determines your fate for the next year. According to the beliefs, red color underwear brings you love, gold brings you wealth, and while symbolizes peace.


The Danish folks celebrate the New Year’s Eve with shattering unused dishes and plates on the doors of all their friend and family. If you are in Denmark, keep some plates handy for this New Year’s Eve. The Danish people also cherish the tradition of climbing on top of chairs and literally jumping into the New Year to bring good luck.


The Swiss people celebrate their new year by dropping ice cream on the floor. May be a fun while doing, but a sure mess when it comes to mopping the floor.


In Romania they throw their spare coins into a river to bring good luck.


In Belgium and few other European countries, they wish their cows a happy new year and try to communicate with them. If the cow responds then it is believed that it is a sign of good luck.


The Irish people hit the walls with bread to get rid of evil spirits.