Super Moon Monday


The New Year’s first night is going to be feast for the astronomers. On Monday, January 1, you can see the moon brighter and larger than regular. The moon is going to be closest to the earth in the entire year of 2018 on this day. The next full moon in this month will be called a blue moon and it will partially eclipsed.

The moon rotates around the earth in an elliptical orbit thus the distance between the earth and moon is never the same.

On Monday, 01st Jan at 4.56 PM the moon will be 221,559 miles away from the earth. This will be the shortest distance between the moon and the earth. It is called as Perigee. Whereas the farthest point between the earth and the moon is known as Apogee.

According to NASA, the full Perigee moon will be 14% larger and 30% brighter than the Apogee moon. You might not be able to make out the difference between the regular moon and the full Perigee moon when it is high up in the sky. Instead, you can use the building, trees, or any other objects as a reference point to make out the difference, when the moon is low hanging. The low hanging moon can create a ‘moon illusion’.

The orange, red, or pink color of the moon is a result of atmosphere. The scattered moonlight when travels through the atmosphere get its color. It much like light traveling through a prism.