Washington against Higher Education?


Higher education is one of the most promising ways to enter the middle calls in American society. According to various studies college graduates pay more taxes, require lesser assistance from the government, and earn much more than non-graduates. Given the advantages of higher education, it is assumed that the politicians give more importance to education and facilitate reach of education to the masses. However, the situation is quite opposite than what is should be. The axe is falling on education and if unchecked in time, it may pose threat to American democracy and future.

Recently, the Congress passed GOP tax bill, which proposes eliminating deductions for charitable contributions. For many colleges and universities, donations is the life-juice, especially when states are reducing the educations help at a constant rate. Allowing fewer deductions for charitable contributions would jeopardize many universities that are struggling to operate.

The final bill doubled the standard deductions for tax filers, making fewer people to itemize deductions, and possibly resulting in fewer college donations. Also, the limit on state and location tax deductions puts more pressure on states like California to cut funding to higher education.

At the same time, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy is still unresolved and so the fate of thousands of students who have called America home for most of their lives.